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Exclamation 30 seconds until this car self destructs?!?

1993 400E

This car seems to suddenly have several problems and we are wondering if any of them are related. My husband is becoming a discouraged MB owner! PLEASE HELP!!!

First Problem: While driving there is a "Vroom" sound from the rear of the car (under the back seat) when it shifts between 2nd and 3rd gears.

Second Problem: Two days ago the locking system started acting up. Here are it's symtoms...with all the doors manually unlocked you can place the key in either of the front doors or trunk and can successfully lock the whole car like normal one time ( the vacuum systems seems okay at this point). But when you go to unlock the door/trunk only the door/trunk that has the key will unlock. As far as windows going up and down with the key turned in the lock, that seems to work fine from both the trunk and doors. Also, when you push down a front lock from inside the car only that door locks instead of all of them, like normal.

Third Problem: Today I drove home and things were running fine (aside from the first two problems). Within an hour of arriving home I went out to move the car and it would turnover and catch for just a second and then die. This happened numerous times. I could hear what was probably the fuel pump after it died but while I still had the key in the on position. After a couple of hours had passed I went out and it started like normal (8-10 times). Seems fine now...but what about tomorrow?

I spent a couple hours searching/reading threads and came away with several ideas, but was wondering if these problems might all be related? Could the starter interlock relay mentioned in some threads be the culprit of problems 2 and 3? If so, where is it located? Or do I have seperate issues? Is this car just falling apart all at once?


P.S. A combination relay for the wipers and turn signals went a couple of weeks ago. Any chance these are all relay issues and something is shorting them out. If so, what might that something be? Also have a chirping sound (sounds like a crickett) coming from the body area (not engine compartment) of the car. It happens at various times while driving.

Thanks for your help in advance! This forum and its members are great!

Almost forgot...we had a terrible squeal all winter long after start up for about 40 seconds. Had the serpentine belt replaced...squeal continued but not for as long. Now that warmer weather has arrived (87 degrees) the squeal has disappeared.
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