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You win either way, Amsoil or Delo


Thanks for the long post.

I did not include the NOACK Volatility Test and Four Ball Wear Test in my compilations because many manufacture's specs sheets do not list them. I want readers to be able to trace back to see the manufacture's numbers so I am not "making up"

I totally agree that the NOACK Volatility Test is a much better indication of oil consumption than just the flash point and oil manufactures do test them but they are usually not included in the specs sheets. Surprisingly, the NOACK Volatility Test number correlates quite well with flash point, i.e, the higher the flash point, the lower the NOACK Volatility Test result. Maybe I should include that column then add a footnote that the numbers are from sources other than the specs sheets.

You win in either way by using either Amsoil or Delo.

Amsoil, along with Redline and a few other niche oils, does make one of the best oils today. Let's put that aside first. I may use it someday after I depleted by Mobil 1 and Delo stocks in my garage. However, there are a few things that still bother me about Amsoil.

1. Most Amsoil oils (except a few) are not API certified. You can look at this as a good thing or bad thing. The bad thing is, of course, it is not certified. The good thing is that the oils have a lot of anti-wear additives so they cannot be certified. The recent wave of the "higher mileage" oils are usually not API certified either due to the extra anti-wear additives.

2. Amsoil still cost quite a bit more compared to other oils, conventional or synthetic.

3. I can pick up some Delo at Wal-Mart (my local Wal-Mart price is $6.17/gal, so your $5.28 is an excellent price) but have to order and wait for Amsoil, in additional to the multi-level marketing and sales scheme.

4. Like Mobil, their marketing messages sometimes turn me off. Like Mobil, they often pick the wrong oils to compare with. For example, here is what's in the Mobil 1 with SuperSyn product info:

"The unique combination of high-performance fluids and proprietary additive systems enables Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ motor oils to offer advantages beyond their conventional SAE viscosity-grade counterparts. Conventional mineral oils thicken or thin dramatically with changes in temperature. "

Well, please do not compare to "conventional SAE viscosity-grade counterparts", compare to other "synthetic SAE viscosity-grade counterparts".

The recent wave of "higher mileage" oil (started by Vavoline's Max Life and followed by similar products from Quaker State, Castrol, and Penzoil) got Amsoil a bit concerned as they are excellent oils due to the extra anti-wear additives, higher viscosity (compared to the regular oils of the same viscosity) and some additional seal conditioning additives, etc. So Amsoil picked Vavoline's Max Life and compared it with an Amsoil oil (forgot which one) and , of course, the tests showed how superior Amsoil is to Max Life. Yes, Amsoil is better than Max Life, but not by much. Amsoil is a $6/qt oil and Max Life is only $2/qt. Wrong comparison.

Back to Mobil 1. Their 0W-40 and 15W-50 are good oils because they really cannot cheapen them up to pass the BMW and Mercedes oil specs sheets. These two oils do not show the kind of deterioration in specs numbers from the Tri-Synthetic to the SuperSyn as do 5W-30 and (especially) 10W-30. In Germany, there is a "Turbo Diesel 0W-40", I bet that would be a good oil to use.

If you really want to find out, invest an oil analysis using a dino 15W-40 (e.g. Delo using a hydroprocessed base stock) after 3000 then 5000 miles. You will be surprised how much longer you can continue to use the oil. But since they are cheap, we change them at short intervals. A fellow instructor (teaching heavy equipment) ran a bactch of Royal Purple 15W-40 for 26,000 miles before changing it with oil analysis every 5000 miles. (The Royal Purple is a synthetic blend oil.) Really, these CH-4 rated oils can go a long way.

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