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Too tight to believe.

Thank you for your response.

The adjustment is a like a screw and locknut on the top of the box. It is not adjusted by torque, but by position. I have read the factory manual and understand how it is to be done but the procedure is only to turn the screw 1/4 turn and test torque (on the steering wheel) then back out another 1/4 turn and measure again. The problem is how to access the screw and locknut.

One local MB dealer said they will drop the box to do it. A local Factory trained independent said you have to remove the exhaust manifold. There is no room between the motor and the steering box.

But I am equally concerned that the adjustment won't remove the steering play. Perhaps I need to check or have checked everything else in the steering system. One mechnic said he never got any results from adjusting the steering box.

Are there any common wear items that can cause this free play??

All advice is welcome.

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