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Angry looking for water problem, created a new one I think.

I posted a reply, not a new topic. Still getting used to things with this forum and posting. While attempting to locate the water problem, I may have created a new one?

Just to make things clearer, my car is a 1981 280SL euro model 107 was in dry winter storage, under cover. It was run a few times during the cold, in order for me to get heat I turn the fan switch and the def/light turns on. I assume the AC unit then turns on even with the need for heat?

After I discovered the water under the floor, and posted my problem I took the helpful advise, looked for the drain from the underside of the dash.I found a rubber plug, about 1" in diameter in the middle of the floor under the black floor insulation on the drivers side flooring.

I can't locate the water source yet. I tried to remove this plug in the middle of the flooring to get a look inside, and the plug fell into the flooring which is about 2 " deep. I tried, but with no success to get the plug back out it just rolled out of reach. I ran the car, did not run the AC/DEF, and the floor remained dry. I hope I can replace the plug, does anyone know what that plug is for. While driving, I put my hand over the hole, felt warm air out of it. Do I need to be concerned ?

I'll continue to look further into the water issue this weekend. I think it must be AC related.

Thanks for the advise, I think I'm on the right track. I'll edit my profile so that my car, model, and year is posted.
1981 280SL Euro 107
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