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The sound in problem #1 comes from behind the front seats somewhere. If you were to say, "VROOM", (one time) that is actually the sound heard between 2nd and 3rd gears. This is the only time it is heard.

As far as the pump sound while locking doors...I'm not sure if I've ever heard a pump sound while locking doors. But this is what I do hear. When you turn the key in the lock, first you hear a slight click from the relay box area (don't know if this is coming from the relay box or something near it). Next you hear the individual locks going down (Is this the pump sound?). And then you hear another click up from the relay area (I assume it is a switch shutting off).

We have listened to our 300CE Cabriolet and we have the same clicks and locking sound on that car, but it works fine!

By the way, I did have the A/C on coming home yesterday. On the 400E where would this PSE be located? The threads refer to either the trunk or under the back seat. And how exactly do you test this?

Your help and input are greatly appreciated.

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