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I am not able to answer your question directly, as I am not familiar with the details of the spring ratings for the cars you are talking about. A 240D engine may be pretty close to the weight of the 280 engine so the amount of lift you get might be marginal for the effort.

I believe the most direct way to get the car up is to put shims under the springs. These shims are standard parts from MB, and if the standard ones are not thick enough, you can make some. Also, I believe MB makes a steel plate guard for the oil pan, which is probably the best solution to protect it from being punctured by hitting stuff on the road, or falling into holes and the like. If you cannot get an MB version, I think you can make one from some plate about 6 to 8 mm thick.

If you raise the car with a different spring you may avoid a few of the obstacles but you cannot expect to raise it enough to really ride over all of them. Good luck, and hope this helps, Jim
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