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Thanks for all the info and your insightful comments. Your comments about Amsoil mirror some of mine (comparison testing, price, marketing scheme, hard to get esp. on the road, etc.). You and others on this forum state that Amsoil is not API certified/rated, however, all the info I've seen show that all their oils are API certified (admitedly the API certification comes from info associated with Amsoil like the Motor Oil Bible, GoSynthetic web site, other Amsoil web sites, etc.). I just looked at a chart and 16 different Amsoil oils are API certified in many popular categories (like 0W-30, 10W-30, 15W-40, etc.). Is there a way to verify whether or not Amsoil is API certified, like accessing info from API or other sources?

I fully understand not including specs that readers cannot find on their own to maintain your credibility. I assume from your comments that you cannot get this info directly from API. Can you get this info say from ASTM or other sources? I am willing to find this info and share it with you and others - and possibly help you with your research.

I too looked at the NOACK test specs and flash point specs and saw the same correlation. However, since I have not followed/evaluated oils recently nor did any testing I was not ready to proclaim a link from one test to the other without further knowledge. Thanks for clarifying this point.

I totally agree that the price differences and ease to buy favor Chevron Delo, in addition to Chevron's good specs. However, since I do not own an inventory of oil I have a bit more flexibility to purchase what may be the best oil. Since in the long-run a more expensive oil, like Amsoil, may provide better protection for my engine and, hopefully, extend my engine's life due to significantly better overall specs this is a viable choice despite several significant concerns.

Decisions, decisions?!?

Thanks again for your insights and wading through my long post.

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