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Now that I have all the tools and am comfortable with the process I am offering a pop test/balance/spray pattern check for members here. I will match the original poster's $3/injector to pop test and spray pattern check them if that is all you want done.

Injector disassembly, cleaning and balancing and rebuilding will be $10/injector plus the cost of a nozzle if you want the injector rebuilt. As a comparison my local injection shop wanted $24/injector for this service.

I will also offer rebuilt injectors with heat shields on a core exchange basis for $32/each plus a $15 core charge that will be refunded on receipt of a rebuildable core.

I will also include a printout with each injector that shows pop pressure, shim thickness and spray pattern.

PM me if interested.

Edit: I had to raise my core charge. I have done several sets now and have not got any cores back.
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