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So I decided to go to a side draft manifold and use a throttle body injection unit from a GM 2.5L engine.

First things first, locating an intake. Thanks to Joe Alexander in Ohio (ja17 on the board) I got one. I figured I'd have to make an adapter plate but; miracle of miracles, they have the same size plenum and the mounting holes are almost the same!

The new manifold and TBI unit.

M115 T.B.I. conversion-tbi01.jpg

These two holes need to be drilled and heli-coiled to 8MM X1.25 thread for the mounting studs.

M115 T.B.I. conversion-tbi02.jpg

Manifold drilled, heli-coiled and ready for the fitting of the TBI.

M115 T.B.I. conversion-tbi03.jpg

Cleaning up the crappy GM casting holes. 13/32" drill.

M115 T.B.I. conversion-tbi04.jpg

No metal removed, just clean holes!

M115 T.B.I. conversion-tbi05.jpg
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