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The A/C in my 1984 300D has been working

like a charm through this hot Florida

summer, even though my auxilliary fan is

not working. The temperature gage rarely

exceeds 100 degrees C. However, today

I carelessly let it idle too long with the

A/C on and the temp got up in the 115-

120 range. I shut off the A/C and drove

a short distance, and the temperature

quickly returned to normal. When I turned

the A/C back on the compressor clutch

would not engage and I only got warm out-

side air. I checked the fuse panel and all

fuses are fine. Is there another fuse or

relay that I have overlooked, or have I

ruined a perfectly good compressor? Is it

possible to bypass everything and get the

clutch to engage temporarily, so that I

can determine the extent of my problem?

I appreciate all the help that this site

provides, and would be happy to help with

diesel fuel injection related questions.

Bosch certified DFI Tech
20 years experience
MBCA Member, Southern Stars
1984 300D
1985 300CD