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I used a professional bleeder that my brother-in-law owns. I know it was a professional bleeder, 'cause it said "professional bleeder" on it...though that was not the manufacturer or brand

From memory the bleeder I used had a pressure guage, and I kept it at 15lbs to suck out all the dirty worn out bubbly fluid- - when the fluid ran crystal clear with no bubbles, I did a little more extraction, & presto done (really really easy)

I started bleeding the caliper furthest from the master cylinder and ended with the one directly underneath the mc

I became convinced seeing the crap fluid the came out, that there's NO way the old fashioned brake pumping method would clear the lines and system as throughly (well,...maybe the old fashioned method would suffice with one hell of a lot of pumping)

I don't recall the bleeder's brand off hand, but it had clear lines attached to the bleeder nipple so you can see all that's being sucked out, output line is piped to a plastic res cup to hold fluid, had like a gun type of pistol grip that you can pump to create suction pressure, and a guage to monitor suction pressure, ...and oh yes a vast assortment of black rubber nipple fittings (and more hoses) to match diff caliper bleed outlets sizes

possibly Sears has a bleeder tool out that has a good price and great warranty? I'm not convinced that one needs much more than the pump type of bleeder since honestly it took only 15 minutes to bleed and flush the system clean

hope this helps

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