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Question Freaky Friday--please help 1982 300 D

I've been all day changing the right rear power window regulator, old one was all bent up and wouldn't move the window. Orderd a new one from Fastlane and put it in. Windows worked great for a few roles. Than stopped, I happened to move the switch in my hand and window started working. Anyway, in the process discovered that I had two wires almost cut in half at the door opening at the rubber tubing edge. Pulled the wires out of the door post and started to check with my test light behind the cuts. No light! Went all the way back to the console and still no light! In the mean time the drivers window has now stopped working. The front passenger side and left back windows work great. Pulled the console and kept checking, no luck. While checking I thought I heard a little ping like a screw dropping. All the windows quite working now! Horn starts working correctly now (non - working horn was going to be my next job). Also noticed a broken vacumn fitting where a wire marked # 1 goes into behind where the climate control came out from. Maybe that is the reason my climate control has been acting up? Went back at it after a break and Horn stopped working and passenger front and drivers rear windows working again! Still no test light for right rear door window and drivers window not working.
Any suggestions appreciated : confused:
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