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Don Stevens
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More info on Amsoil


I have been watching this thread with interest as an Amsoil dealer and I would like to make a few comments of clarification which may help you make up your mind.

First, Only the XL-7500 5W30 and XL-7500 10W30 Motor oils are API cerified. The new XL-7500 5W20 has gone through the API aplication process but I don't believe it is certified yet. The XL-7500 line was formulated with lower Phosphouros (anti wear)levels specifially to meet API specs and to entice new car owners to switch to Amsoil still feel comfortable about their warranty. Also, the 7500 mile interval was to appeal to quick lube shops who oppose long drains as they might see their customers less often. They want the 3000 mile revenue.

Second, Admitedly Amsoil is essentially only available via factory direct sale so true you are not going to be able to walk into any Walmart and buy it. However, you can buy it quite conveniently
through online secure links ( and in a few days it is delivered right to your door. What is more convenient than that? Second, it is cheaper in case quantities so buy a case and keep a quart in your car so you don't find yourself a quart low on the road.

Third, The Multi-level sales stategy takes a bad rap but over the years these systems have been refined and there are several top quality products that are sold through MLM. Avon, Mary Kay and Longeberger are a few. Asmoil is one of the few traditionally "mens" products sold through MLM and once your get over the mental block about MLM, the process is really quite painless. Actually, Amsoil has perfected MLM so far that you can actually buy 15W40 chaeper than you pay for Mobil-1.

Finally pricing. Amsoil does carry a stiff retail price but with sone knowledge of how the system works you can buy it quite competitively. Also, 1) you get what you pay for and 2) extended drain capability makes it much cheaper per mile than any other synthetic or Psuedo synthetic. Specifically, through the Preferred Customer plan ( you can buy 15W40 for $3.70 per qt in case quantities. Even after freight that equals $4.38 per qt. Cheaper than Mobil-1 in most stores and at double the drain interval capability, it rivals even the dino oils.

So when you study all of the facts. Amsoil is a good deal.

Please feel free to ask any questions vie e-mail. I have oil analysis reports of results in long drain interval in my own cars and lots more practical info.

Don Stevens
Independant Amsoil Dealer

Please use 508684 as your "customer number" when ordering and thanks,

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