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Kind of wanting to troubleshoot if possible

Greetings Bob,

Yeah, I guess I could try one thing after another, but was looking for experience from other members that could guide me one way or the other as to whether this or that happens if the check valve fails, and this happens when the accumulator goes to crap. I know the symptons would most likely be close but there would have to be a reaction type of difference to determine which one has failed. I don't have that fancy special tool fuel pressure gage they mention in the book and probably wouldn't use it but twice in the cars life if I sank the mega bucks they most likely want for it. As far as the air valve is concerned, I remember it being slightly open when changing the air filter less than 1000 miles ago, and can't see it really being out of adjustment unless you bend or lean on it in some manner. I can believe the check valve or accumulator going bad as they are moving parts without adjustment. I think I'll try the check valve first, but like anything else, it will turn out to be the accumulator anyway. Did you Dad's car start up fine if the key was left in the first position for a few seconds before cranking the engine? Just wondering why fuel pump pressure with the pump running wouldn't allow the engine to continue running on the first crank. Is air getting in the system somewhere in the middle of the fuel line travel that can't be overcome by pump pressure?

Just Curious,

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