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Steve ,
Thank you very much for a complete answer ... it gives me something to think about .
I don't really know the weight of a 240D engine , but with the cast iron and everything it would be about 200kg....I think . I don't have AC but have power steering .
The other car was a 280 E autotrans , pretty loaded with optionals . It took us 3 powerful guys to lift the engine , and the gearbox is heavy too .
Finally , I'm going to change some bushings and ball joints anyway , so taking out the springs would be easy , and plan to compare at least the two .

Greg , I admit not having checked the underside for pre-installed holes and threads for a skid plate , and I appreciate the idea . Since this is Romania , DIY is almost the only option...all I need is an idea or a starting point ...

Another question : a friend of mine asked if connecting a 220D engine (type 615 from a w123) to the autotrans from the 280E has any chance to work , even with a correct ratio differential adapted .... Just a little question
W123 '77 240D with 130.000 km
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