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Newbie has the fever

Good Day to all,
I wanted to introduce myself, My name is Scott and I have recently purchased my first MB, she is a 1974 240D, she was bought brand new from a local dealership in Aug of 74, and lived her life with one owner about 2 miles from her new garage. (included in with extensive records is the original new car purchace order) She is in respectable shape, body is straight, no rust, needs paint. Interior pretty good, however all the stuffing has deteriorated from the seats, and I want new carpet. She smokes really bad, lots of white smoke, that smells like fuel, from what I have read on here I am suspecting a bad injector. I intend to return her to clean original condition and will no doubt rely heavily on all the experiance and advice from this great forum. Thanks in advance.
I am aware she is SLOW and not particularly 'collectable' but I have caught the fever, I have a feeling this will become a lifetime obsession !!
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