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I actually like what Morrison says about the product. (It figures huh. From one oil dealer to another). Seriously, what he says is in laymans terms and makes sense to a concerned customer who is worried that Mobil has resorted to Group III base oils. Morrison conforms thay have not.

Without a doubt, Mobil has the technology to create the best product in the world. However, they seem to be proving here that their research and reformulation is directed at "enhancing shareholder value" by seeking cost reduction as a means for profit enhancement. There is nothing wrong with that and what I believe is the direction form the top. In fact, as a stockholder in Exxon-Mobil, I applaud it, provided their lower cost product performs as well as the previous product. From what I am reading here, the new product does perfrom adequately to the degree that none of us consumers are ever going to notice. Unless perhaps our used oil analysis shows poorer results.

Relative to what John the chemists says, He is really splitting hairs here in an area that in my opinion, really does not matter.
If you look at the group III Syntec volatility numbers, they are right there. John also states that different oils of the same folmula test differently and of course there is some margin for error in the tests. Suffice to say that all of the oils (probably Redline, Amsoil, Royal Purple too) vaporize at about 250C (about 480F). This is relavent because piston ring temperatures are in this range in a gas engine. A +/- 5 degree spread will make a difference in how much oil is lost to vaporization during a long drain interval.

I have no idea what his vibration theorys prove other than a method to determine the molecular base level of the fluid being tested.

Finally, These tests do not address the effects of various additive packages. Castrol argued effectively in their court case that a Group III base oil with superior additive can out perform a PAO with a lesser additve package. Leading one to conclude a PAO with a superior additive package (ie Amsoil) will out perform both.

This all boils down to my original statements that the only thing that really matters is how a certain oil perfroms in YOUR car. The only way to detrmine this is through used oil analysis. YOUR car and YOUR driving conditions are THE most important variables in how any oil is going to protect your investment. So the bottom line is if you want to know what is best for you, I suggest you sample the oil you have in the car now. Try the other brands yourself (you are going to buy someone's oil anyway) and sample them at the same intervals and see what the results say. I suggest a 5000 mile interval and suggest you try Amsoil for a double length drain interval. Specifically test it at 5000 miles. Change the filter, go 5000 more (provided the original test results are good) and test it again. My real world experience suggest your result will show Amsoil better after 10000 miles than petro oil when new.

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