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I actually like what Morrison says about the product. (It figures huh. From one oil dealer to another). Seriously, what he says is in laymans terms and makes sense to a concerned customer who is worried that Mobil has resorted to Group III base oils. Morrison conforms thay have not.
He cannot confirm anything, he re-tells what he was told. He refers to Mobil's specs sheets (I quote below) as the basis to concluded Mobil 1 with SuperSyn is 100% PAO based.

"These include polyalphaolefins (PAOs) and other ExxonMobil® engineered fluids which make up the Mobil 1 with SuperSyn™ formula. "

If SuperSyn and PAO has such a low pour point, why does the Mobil 1 with SuperSyn 10W-30 have one of the highest pour points in the synthetic group of the same viscosity?


Brand (Pour Point in deg F)

Havoline Synthetic (-60)
Mobil 1 w/Supersyn (-49)
Penzoil Synthetic (-62)

One has to concluded that, from the results above and from "other ExxonMobil® engineered fluids" clearly stated in Mobil's specs sheet, that there is a lot more than just PAO in its base stocks.

The spectral analysis (or vibrational modes) can accurately determine what's in the base stock as different base stocks (or different substance, for that matter) have their unique vibrational modes (peaks or valleys in spectra). This is like the finger prints of a person (unique to a person). He determined there are peaks that are characteristic to those found in mineral oils.

True to what you said, Don. An oil manufacture will first show some test results to prove how their oils are superior to others. But when other oils show better results on the same tests, test results are either irrelevant or do not matter any more. The manufacture will switch to another talk, it is the total performance of the oil. Total performance of the oil cannot be tested or proven in real world easily and we all know that. There are just no INDEPENDENT and SUBJECTIVE tests, that are not sponsored by the oil manufactures, on two identical cars, driven 100 - 200 kmi under similar conditions, on two different oils, and then the cars' engines are analyzed. The tests done by Consumer Reports are probably the closest to subjective and independent. That result basically says that all oils perform about the same and synthetic oil only has advantages under extreme conditions (which are rare). That is what total performance is, i.e., it really does not matter what oil you use, as long as you change it.

Remember the old Mobil 1 TV ads? Mobil 1 pours at frigid cold better than other oils? Now, I bet Mobil is not going to show this ad. If they do, they would have to pick some dino oils to compare, not the Havoline or Panzzoil synthetic.

As a mater of fact, if I were a Havoline or Penzoil marketing person, I would use Mobil's own words to show some TV ads. First show the old Mobil ad, then say the temp is at -55 deg C. Mobil 1 w/SupoerSyn 10W-30 is a gel and Havoline or Penzoil can still pour!

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