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Question Arachnids

Ok, don't flame me for this posting.

I am resurecting an '82 Volvo wagon and i've discovered that it is infested w/spiders. The car has been dormant in my yard for about a year and the little critters have moved in big time. I've noticed the babies are white and opaque. I haven't gotten a glimpse of the adults yet. This is creepin' me out. I'm not an entomologist but here in eastern NC we have both black widows and brown recluse spiders. BTW, I have standing here; have an '89 300se and these buggers would be just as happy in my benz.

So, how do i evict these creatures or should i forsake any dream of driving my doughty volvo ever again?

Just for the record, I think that the 240 Volvo is the most highly evolved auto ever made (w/the possible exception of the VW beetle) and is in many ways better than the vaunted MB.

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