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It's pretty involved, I'll do my best:
On the interior chrome handle to open the door, behind the blade there is a seperate piece of wooden trim. Pull on the handle as if you were opening the door, then pull the bottom of this wooden trim up, just with your fingers, then you can remove it. Next remove the inside door lock lever, I just use a screwdriver, it sort of unclips if you pry it back towards the rear of the door. Now, where the piece of wood was that you removed, take out the black philips head screw, then the bracket that the screw went through will be able to be removed, slide the bracket back, towards the rear of the door. This bracket you will notice was forming a lip that holds the large piece of wood in place, where the seat switch is. Now that the bracket is removed, you can grab the top of the big piece of wood and slide it towards the rear of the door also. You will be pressing against 2 spring steel clips at the rear of the wood piece, and you are trying to press it back far enough that 2 plastic tabs at the front disengage from the door panel itself. Be careful, as you can break one of these tabs if you aren't careful. They are available seperately if one or the other breaks, so it's not the end of the world, but-just be careful anyways. Once the big piece of trim is off, go ahead and unplug the electrical connectors. You will now notice in this open cavity 1-10mm head machine screw, it's up in the general area of the door pull handle. Remove it. Done with that general area.
The "triangle" piece of trim by the rear view mirror you can pull off by hand-easy. Do the top of the triangle first, then tip it in and pull up-easy does it, there is a tab on the bottom that is a little fragile.
The square entry light can be pried out with a screw driver, I believe from the top-maybe the bottom, shouldn't be too hard if you are on the right end. It will tip out to the left or right, then you will be able to disconnect the electrical connector. You "may" notice one chrome phillips head screw inside the entry light recess as well, going through the door panel and into the door itself.
Now open the map pocket.
On the front of the door panel itself, inside the map pocket, there is a small black phillips screw that hold that tiny piece of interior-colored plastic, the one with the hole in it for the locking pin. Take that screw out and remove the plastic piece. Under that there is a rather large phillips head screw, take that out too. On the same general area but on the REAR of the map pocket there is a hole that kind of angles off to the rear of the door, you need a long phillips screwdriver to get a long screw unscrewed in the bottom of that hole. Don't worry if you can't fish the screw out of the hole, as long as you're sure it's totally unscrewed, it can stay in there.
Now you just need to remove the one phillips screw that holds the black (or interior?) colored "C" shaped piece from around the door latch, and on the "jamb" side of the door (back of the door), remove the 3 tiny chrome phillips screws that hold on that shiny trim plate. (Be careful not to lose the tiny screws, you'd probably need to special order any lost ones. Hardware store screws wouldn't look right)
At this point, you need one of those trim removal "spoons" and go around the back, bottom, and front of the trim panel itself to remove the plastic fastener "buttons" which hold the panel into the door. ONLY AFTER releasing the clips can you gently pull the door panel out of the clips at the top of the door panel, I usually try lifting it up at the rear of the panel first.
Have fun!

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