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Activating phone service for Motorola Timeport in 2001 MB

I recently bought a 2001 E55 that has the factory Motorola Timeport phone already installed. The prior owner had this activated on the east coast. I am in the midwest and am getting the run-around. My dealer says that AT&T or Verizon should be able to activate the phone but one of the cellular providers said I need the dealer to activate it. Another provider said I need to find out what company the prior owner used for cell service out east, and I would have to use the same company. I don't think they know what they are talking about since there must be more flexibility in the choice of cell phone service providers. Does any one know what is involved in getting service established? I would like to use AT&T since they have an attractive plan for my needs. I do understand that using Sprint is out with this phone. The manual indicates it is a TDMA digital phone. Any help would be appreciated.
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