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My SC pulley is a 2.55" Votech part adapted to an Eaton M90. That gives it a top speed of 13725 at 5000 engine RPM which is just under the 14k limit where it starts to beat too much heat into the air. (Keep in mind it's Diesel too) The way I plan to route the belt will provide over 50% contact with the SC pulley.

However, to make the belt change direction (over 90 deg. turn) and run up to the SC and back down, I will have to use some small, possibly 2" pulleys. My only concern is that belts may have some sort of rating where you're not supposed to bend around less than so small of a radius. I don't want to base the entire design on a weak point where the belt will have frequent failures.

I do know that cam timing belts have small idler pulleys but then again, they travel much slower and the belt is just changing direction a little rather than over 90 deg.
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