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I see from your profile that your interests are Music, Motorcycles, Politics. You certainly jumped right into the middle of the politics here at good 'ole MercedesShop.

You are free to buy parts anywhere you wish and take them anywhere you like to have them installed. All we are saying in our PartsShop introduction is that we are catering to the Do-It-Yourselfer. We will sell you the part, sell you the Mercedes documentation (if applicable) and help you any way we can on this forum. That's it. We are trying to avoid the case where someone buys a part from us, takes it to their dealer to install and gets a wrench thrown at them. Benzmac gave good advice...ask your tech first. As you can see from this thread, many shops and techs have no problem installing owner supplied parts. We can't control who, where or how our PartsShop parts are installed. All we can do is try to educate and increase awareness.

I have included a copy below of the PartsShop intro on this subject:

PartsShop is intended for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Please don't buy parts from us with the intention of having your local technician or shop install the part. This is not fair to the shop and besides that, most shops will not install customer provided parts. The best rule is to know your capabilities and limitations. If the project is over your head then have a professional do the job and let the professional select and order the parts they need.

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