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I've been reading this thread with great interest as I want to convert my W123 over to 134a. Some of you who have written on this thread have experience doing conversions. I'm not interested in hearing about "alternative" methods.....only R-12 to R-134A. So please keep the topic to 134A and not go off on these other ones.


1) Does a person really need a parallel flow condenser?

2) What parts SHOULD be replaced when converting over to 134A?

3) Since my AC system isn't working right now, can anyone tell me if the aux fan is supposed to run when the AC is turned on? (240D without ACCS)

4) Any tips or advice from those who have done this would be great. I assume that the DIY can do this job without killing oneself. I guess what would be really great is if someone could run down the basic procedure of how to do this. Summer is coming and it gets into the 100s here in central California.

Thanks for the info.
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