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Should I have the alignment checked?

I was overtaking a slow car on a back road on Saturday afternoon when the slower car drifted over the centreline forcing me right off the side of the road in order to avoid hitting him (we have pretty narrow and uncurbed roads here in the UK). Any way, my right side wheels cracked a massive pothole. I pulled up further along the road as I was convinced I would have punctured the tyres or buckled the wheels.

There was no visible damage to wheel, tyre tread or sidewall, save for heavy black rubber staining on the wheel rims (which rubbed off). I cannot really tell whether the car feels different. I am sure I can feel unfamiliar pulls and tendencies in the steering, however there is no more vibration than usual and the car tracks totally straight (I ran up to 120mph as my confidence built). Still, I'm not sure.

Is there anything I really ought to do? How would I tell if the suspension alignment had been knocked out? Despite the absence of visible damage, is it likely that the tyre was significantly damaged or weakened? or the wheel?

I have looked under the car and there is no sign of damage or movement. But it was a really nasty whack felt right through the car.

Thanks for any help.
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