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Oil level and '02 C230

Okay I did some testing on the electronic measurment system of the MB C230, '02. I figured since I own a Topsider it would be no problem draining off extra oil. First, I used the dipstick and saw that the level was not up to the full lefel; however, the computer stated that the oil level was okay. I therefore, added an extra quart of oil. The computer level still measured okay, buth the dipstick was up to the max level. What is the deal? To me, having an extra quart of oil in the engine is a big deal. How much tolerance does the computer have in measuring the oil. In my experience, the dipstick is still the most accuracte means of measuring the oil. I would like to hear other people's experience on this matter. After all, a quart is a big deal. If it is stating okay while an extra quart can be added, how low does it have to be before it states that it is low.

John Cappuccilli
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