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Don Stevens
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I hear what you are saying. I like the fact that Mobil is screwing around with ther formula it is more amunition for us Asmoil faithful. Honestly though, I still believe comparison of pour points an viscosity indexes is just splitting hairs.

I also agree with you that Consumer Reports is going to be a lot more objective than the oil companies. I do remember their report that most all petro oils are the same and that synthetic is only useful under extereme conditions. I agree with the frst part of their conclusion but not all with the second. If I recall, there was only one or two comments about synthetics and the way it was presented lead me to believe that they did no research on synthetics at all.

I go back to my earlier comment, If you want the best for your car, try a few different oils and have the used oils analyzed.

Dean, I agree with you 100%.....As I mentioned in an earlier post, if you do the math, Amsoil at 7500 mile intervals is a better value and much better for your car than petro oil at 3000 miles. It is a no brainer.

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