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Question 1985 380 SE - drivetrain question?

Hello everybody! I've recently purchased an '85 380 SE with 160,000 miles on it, runs like a charm. My only problem is when accelorating from a stop. When done at a moderate to high rate I can hear and moreso feel a whump-whump-WHUMP-WHUMP-whump noise that fades in at about 5mph and fades out around 10mph. It's intensity is related to how fast i'm accelorating, and it seems to be more intense when accelorating AND turning, but not by much.

Based on a few people's words of wisdom and my own assumption, I am led to believe it's the CV axles, or the differential. A few people have pointed out it might just be a loose bearing. Does anyone have any ideas? I would be extremely greatful for any advice.

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