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tough questions for A/C specialists

My 82 380sl (euro) was converted to R134 last year at that time I replaced the compressor and dryer. The A/C was moderately cool but never strong (my 400E A/C is very strong in comparison). MB service said this was all the euro models A/C put out and the US spec cars had better A/C. Now I have a slow leak in the A/C but the tech finds no leak with dye or the "sniffer". Suggestions for the next step? Can I replace the condenser and evaporator with more efficient (later model/design/aftermarket/or U.S. spec) components. Monovalve was rebuilt and is working correctly. As a good d.i.y. mechanic is changeout of evaporator and dash dissasembly within my means? Any special tools needed? Any gray market SL owners out there with strong A/C? All experience and suggestions are appreciated.

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