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I spent the weekend trying to chase down the correct fuel mix where the car would run or at least startup and idle for more and a second but got nothing but frusturation and headaches. I got the chilton manual from my local library... what a joke, wasnt worth my time. Anyways, I fouled and cleaned the 2 sets of sparkplugs I have for the car 3 times over the course of the weekend. I know the mixture is too rich since the plugs are gathering a wetish black carbon/ soot buildup on them, its really soft and cleans off easiily. Any information on a base mixture settign for the engine and how to adjust it would be greatly appreciated. I checked the brake booster vacuum line and found that it is in immaculate shape and holds vacuum completely so i still dont know why touching the brakes would kill the engine nearly instantly. I get out of school for the summer in about a month and will be making a dealer visit for my car shortly thereafter. Or if anyone knows of a good MB tech in the northwest chicago area That'd be great and Id check the out. Id really like to avoid a towing bill to have the car taken to the shop... Ive got a feeling that the repair bill is going to cost a nice chunk of change.

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