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w201 reverse light does not work

Hi All,
I need help in locating the reverse light switch in my w201 190e 2.3 16V Automatic trans. year make 1988.

When I engage the gear in Reverse position, the lamps (both of 'm) did not lit. Both the bulbs are in good condition. Used the multitester already and found out there's no electicity stream on the back panel at all.

I am suspecting the switch in the gearbox does not function properly, but I was not able to locate this switch.. could anybody help me?

or.. is it another possible cause to this??

Other problem I have:

My floor shift lamp indicator does not lit . ( this is the indicator telling you when you shift the stick from P -R-N-D-3-2)
When driving at night, there's no way for me to see which gear i am driving with...
My question: how to locate the bulb and change it??

many thanks in advance.
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