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E320 Coolant Warning Message

Started the 97 E320 yesterday and the Coolant warning message showed up on the display.

Knowing that I had checked it earlier in the week along with rest of the fluids, it made me wonder.

Temp reading is mormal right above the 80-84 mark, and doesn't move.

Got home and checked the tank. Seemed OK but thought it was just below the sensor. Dropped in some coolant, less than pint total.

Started it back up and reset the warning indicator. All well.

Till I shut it off and the warning came back each time.

Car is running as cool as expected and showing on the gauge.

Wondering if there is something wrong with the sensor???

On my 400 it was visable on the side of the tank. With the 97 and black tank I didn't see it .
1. Has anyone else expirenced this?
2. Where is the level sensor?
3. is it a sensor that can be checked with a multi meter?
4. Is there another reset procedure, i.e dropping the battery or something else?

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