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Deltacom - the response you give is straight off another mercedes board. I asked them the same question I will ask you - but no one there answered it except for saying that Porsche's oil system rules. Using common sense logic: The oil you change is in the sump of the oil pan - the tensioner is high up the front of the engine - on a 5.6 litre V8 - How is draining the oil from the sump going to drain the oil from the tensioner??? If the tensioner is going to drain while taking the oil from the sump - shouldn't it also drain every time you turn the engine off - seeing that oil if not constrained will always seek the lowest level?? If the tensioner does not drain when you turn the engine off and let it stand overnight - since once primed it holds the oil- why would it drain when you remove the oil from the sump way down below?? - Just curious.
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