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92 400 engine miss till warms up

My 92400e's engine misses till it warms up.
It cranks/starts first thing and runs fine.
let car run till idle settle and runs fine.
put car in gear and misses pretty noticably.
run car 10-20 min till get to operating temp and miss is no longer noticable.
Have done complete tune up before miss started.
replaced plugs again but miss seems to have gotten worse.
Have done the following FULL tune up replacements.
Rotors,Caps and Wires from FastLane
Plugs and O2 sensors
Everything EXCEPT the TBA which I understand may be bad as the car will occasionally "hiccup"/stutter a bit when cold.
Also car will puff smoke(fuel dump) like a 74 Caddy when I jump down on it and engage a passing gear.

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