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The last compressor I bought came empty... with instructions as to how much to add... but the one before that I had to try to figure out from the books at the part store, which sometimes list that stuff, and I never felt good about having the right answer....

I know some oil will be traveling through the system...that is what lubricates the top end of the compressor (and makes it not suitable for making into an air compressor) and some compressors have DIP STICKS to check the level... I wonder if it would be good to add the proper amount and see how much gets sent off..and around the system.. and keep checking until it stabilizes... which might be a while.. you don't want too much and you don't want too little....

GregS, you must be dealing with shops where the counter help is not perpetually on their first day at that job.... wish I could say the same... GregoryB
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