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Lambda Controller

Over the past few months I've been working on designing, building, and programming a lambda adjustment module. It reads the O2 sensor voltage and gives a lambda percentage readout on 10 LEDs. It also outputs the O2 sensor voltage which is controlled by a potentiometer. In the center range of the pot it outputs an unmodified O2 signal. From center you can adjust the mixture either leaner or richer. The adjustment occurs in six steps as you turn further away from center. It has colored LED readouts for the for no adjustment, red for a rich adjustment, and blue for a lean adjustment.

The project is based of of a Microchip PIC18lf2525 microcontroller for which I've written a little less than 1800 lines of code for. Awaiting delivery of a few last minute parts, I'm planning to start the beta testing in my 90 300TE by next weekend.
90 300TE 4-M

Turbo 103, T3/T04E 50 trim
T04B cover .60 AR
Stage 3 turbine .63 AR
A2W I/C, 40 LB/HR
MS2E, 60-2 Direct Coil Control
3" Exh, AEM W/B O2
Underdrive Alt. and P/S Pulleys,
Vented Rear Discs, .034 Booster.
3.07 diffs 1st Gear Start

90 300CE 104.980
Milled & ported head, 10.3:1 compression
197 intake cam w/20 advancer
4 ignition advance
PCS TCM2000, built 722.6
600W networked suction fan
Sportline sway bars
V8 rear subframe, Quaife ATB 3.06 diff
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