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No wide band, it's using the factory sensor. The range of adjustment is only 30% lambda either way. It doesn't affect the EHA directly. It only changes the O2 signal enough that the CIS-E will make the fuel adjustments automaticly. The management does have to be in closed loop before the controller can adjust it.

I didn't do a digital readout for 2 reasons. 1. The lambda signal is constantly moving so tracking it down to the milivolt would just keep a fluctuating readout. The 10 LED readout acts as a buffering interface. If the lambda is in the 50% range the 50% LED will be lit. I don't see the need read out the lambda within a closer tolerance. A 10% discrepancy in actual Lambda would just barely be within the range of being able to notice a difference from behind the wheel. 2. Keeping it simple. A digital readout would add to the complexity and after 1793 lines of code in Assembler, I'm not looking for more complicated.

Thanks for the input, though. All ideas are welcome. I hope to be able to develop it to the point of having a good product that will perform well in the field.
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