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Originally Posted by germancarfan1 View Post
Hey all...first post here-spend time on the ferrari, porsche, and E9 BMW forums, but this is my first Mercedes purchase..a 1994 E500 for obvious reasons...have read every thread on performance options and would just like a recap from the experienced folks here..I believe I want to do the following based on previous threads:

Bergwerks first gear module
Time Valve Y pipe
1992 LH module
Eisemann or Remus muffler

couple questions...Time Valve doesn't seem to have a specific listing for the E500--just call them to order?

Is Bergwerks the best option regarding first gear start?

Exhaust has been hashed over before, but what is the "nuts" for a performance system...My Ferrari had several options--Ansa on the 330 and Lorini on the BBi--what does Mercedes have? any out of the box systems? The Porsche Twin has Fabspeed ordered off the net...don't see too many options for the E500 1994...

Not interested in internal engine mods till she blows, so just advice on everything short of that. appreciate everyones time..She'll be here in 4 days and want to get a head start on upgrading..

oh yes...chips available?? looking to do a total package--exhaust, chip, induction, 1st gear start..thanks to all in advance! newby Frank
Hey Frank!
Welcome to MercedesShop!

Looks like a good list to me. Don't forget the ASR defeat. I built my own unit. Their is a good thread on the subject in this forum. Just search "DIY ASR Defeat".

I'm pretty sure Bergwerks went out of business but their are DIY FGS controllers you can build if your good at soldering and programming PIC controllers. I know their is also a guy that sells a PC programmable FGS controllers for around $200. I'll see if I can find a link.

Good Luck!
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