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Originally Posted by 300EVIL View Post
Hey Frank!
Welcome to MercedesShop!

Looks like a good list to me. Don't forget the ASR defeat. I built my own unit. Their is a good thread on the subject in this forum. Just search "DIY ASR Defeat".

I'm pretty sure Bergwerks went out of business but their are DIY FGS controllers you can build if your good at soldering and programming PIC controllers. I know their is also a guy that sells a PC programmable FGS controllers for around $200. I'll see if I can find a link.

Good Luck!
thanks Adam! saw the ASR defeat thread..that is a must as what 47 year old doesn't like to roast Pirellis on a daily basis? you would think a major reputable manufacturer would produce every needed product to get the most out of the "velvet hammer"...appreciate the info...can't wait to get her here! hopefully by Sat. or Sun.
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