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Originally Posted by jhodg5ck View Post
Bergwerks first gear module
As mentioned by 300Evil, these are NLA, but the FGS module is for sale on ebay from time to time.. I'm pretty sure I have one sitting around in the shop somewhere.

Time Valve Y pipe
TV IMHO, Lacks in fit/finish which leads me to question functionality.

1992 LH module
These do help to the tune of a few HP @ WOT.

Eisemann or Remus muffler
Both are Overpriced IMHO. Any system you'll be putting together will be custom..I'd start by separating the system @ the down pipes, adding two high flow cats and depending oh just how Aggressive you want the note, run it w/ or w/o a resonator. I run magnaflow bits..they are stainless and use the Exact same technology that Remus and Eisemann use, ie straight through perforated pipe w/ fiberglass packing. Again, not rocket science so there is no good reason to pay up for Old School technology. MF also has a Wide assortment of tips available, or if you like one can always weld one who/what ever tips you like. Don't forget to integrate an X pipe (ideally w/ the O2 in said X pipe) along w/ a 2nd bung so you can tune w/ a wide band O2 sensor and air fuel ratio meter.

There are No bolt on kits.

Your M119 will likely never blow, so you'll be stock if that's the deciding factor..that aside, a 6L conversion is something we can do should you have interest. Couple that w/ stand alone fuel and spark, solid lifters, lightened/custom HC internals, cams etc, etc..and 450-500 NA HP isn't out of the question.

My only question to you is where you might be located?

Thanks Jonathan..a bit over my head regarding wide band O2 sensor and air fuel ratio meter--but basically it's custom fab with good ol' USA mufflers--high flow cats?? manufacturer?? or generic? gotcha on the y pipe and true dual system....probably no resonator...fgs module? not familiar...reputable? also magnaflow "bits" no savy/// oh yes, I'm in Big D.
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