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I think the big thing ECUs validate is whether the O2 signal oscillates and the time from peak to peak. The controller will track the oscillations and mimic them. Part of the "beta testing" will be determining how far from 50% I can deviate the signal before the ECU calls shennanigans. The CIS cars can get away with a pretty poor tune and don't set C/E lights easily. Hopefully I can run it right to the edge of the chart and not "off the charts" so to speak. The neat thing about having the LEDs display the Lambda is that it will let me know when the O2 signal is called out for a fault with a fixed 50%.

I'll keep you guys posted with progress. Right now I'm waiting 5-10 days on a delivery of components, which is torture since I've spent the last several weeks getting the code written and debugged.
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