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Question W124 cooling questions *yes I've used the search button ;-)


I know that the W124 runs hot. I know that my car runs between around the 80 hash mark and once in awhile during the summer it might edge to the 100 hash mark...but thats only if the car isn't moving. Once the car moves it the needle quickly goes back to the 80 hash mark.

During the winter it always just below the 80 hash mark.

Recently I've noticed some things. With the AC on it more @ the 100 hash mark and during stop and go or when the car is stopped the temp is more between the 100 and 120 hash mark. Open the hood and both fans are spinning away. The needle rises too quickly from the norm but stays between the 100 and 120.

Today the weather was like 35 degrees the whole day..but the needle was at 100 during my commute to work (20miles all highway) and when I put it in park it shoots up to between 100 and 120....but more towards the 120 side.

I called my mech and he said I maybe leaking coolant and to check the coolant level once the engine has cooled down. Well the coolant level is at the correct level and I have not seen any fluid leak on my driveway....I let the car idle for 30mins.

Anyone have any ideas or insight? I'm thinking everything is fine and that somehow the thermostat might be faulty...thats just an educated guess after going through all the post regarding "temp" and "cooling" with the w124.

Last fall I had the dreaded head gasket taken care of and flushed the entire coolant. Before I had noticed that my car never ever ran above 80 even during the summer with full AC on. After the repair....during the winter the car would normally run at around 80 during the entire winter and now runs close to 100 when the temp is warm (above 60).

Thanks once again for any help....sorry about this long winded post. Thought I'd give all the details I could think of.

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