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I don't see the picture but it wouldn't matter. You describe the standard manual A/C (as opposed to automatic A/C - Climate Control) controls on the console. These ARE the controls used by most aftermarket installs (done in Europe).

They are also the controls for the base A/C units installed in world cars. if you do have a Sanden compressor then it is likely that you have an aftermarket install. MB didn't install any Sandens, they would have used a GM A6 on a V8 up till around 86 when they started to use Nippondenso compressors.

I agree that the Diesel Kiki compressors are a bolt-on replacement (for Sandens) and are great compressors. I would never use a rebuilt especially on such an inexpensive compressor. I pay less than 200 for new ones so I'm sure they can be had for a better value than that rebuilt price.
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