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Originally Posted by jhodg5ck View Post
If you want twin cam, putting a 119 in your car would be the way to go..but actually, a twin cam engine will not fit in an SL.. They will fit in 126's, 124' 201's though.. I would recommend making a 6L m119...they're good fun

Jonathan have you actually tried an M119 into a 107. I briefly considered it for my car prior to the V-12. With out taking careful measurements it did look to be too wide. I also got a quick look at the later 3 valve engines and it looked like that may be a go. But I have no real hard evidence for either.

I found, since I don't work at a shop where I had access to cars, for the V12 installation the only way for me to get measurements I could trust was to buy the car. I've always suspected that I would have to do the same for the M119. The V-12 as far as engine swaps go, fits into a 107 like it was made to be there in the first place. Hooking it up and getting it to work with everything is another story.

The V-12 is extremely healthy and very nice and that is what I want out of that car and it will probably always be my personal engine of choice. But from a mass production point of view the M119 offers the most bang for the buck for anyone considering a swap and keeping the car all Mercedes.

If I wanted to go a little more on the fire breathing dragon side, I could build something else like a 107 with an E55 AMG engine.
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