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Head job and other questions-300e

Hi everyone,

My 86 300E need a head job, i mean replacing valve seals,guides. Also while doing that i would like to have head gasked replaced and a timing belt also( i assume it needs to be done too). Now.. i want to know from you guys from your experience hom much the cost would be normaly for that job and how much pf performance increase can i expect out of it ??. Anyway car runs ok, no major problems except blue smoke on start up and kinda hard start when engine cold but after that ok.
Second question is: Is it worth to fix that old car with so many mileage on it( 200k) ? It is my only car anyway and i dont want to be left without car if something brakes down.
Next step would be replacement of transmission seals , it is leaking( adding fluid every now and then).
Is it worth? thanx
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