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head job

Yes, I,ve taken pictures (of course I didn't think about the digital camera until after the head was off). I have so far, pictures of the head after it came back from the shop, how the bay looks with the head off, the under belly of the head both the intake and the exhaust sides of the head, the fan removal. I also removed the instrument cluster since I've installed white gauges and I'm having LED's installed into the cluster. I also have pictures of the injectors.
The trick is how do I post to the site. I was playing around one day and posted a picture of the new Jaguar to a site(don't remember where) from the NY Auto show. All I'm trying to do is remember how I downloaded the picture to my computer so I can add it to the site. HELP..

Euro, that's exactly what we did with the intake(Thank you Lord for giving me an older brother). Everything is ready to go back together(once my brother finds time, he's helping me in his spare time when he gets off from work, so I must be considerate and wait for him or he will tell me to take it to the shop). I did find the Permatex "The Right Stuff" in Pep Boys and since I must wait for my brother I'm thinking of going to Mercedes to get their silicon also.

I'll definately let evryone know how the job turns out and I post pictures and if we get stuck, I'll definitely be here asking for help. Thanks alot to all on this board.
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