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According to the 123 CDROM, vehicles

prior to September 1982 only show the

low fuel light when the fuel level

reaches the prescribed level. Vehicles

built after September 1982 display the

low fuel light when the key is first

turned on. After the engine starts, the

low fuel light returns to normal function.

Algae in your diesel fuel tank grows

along the line between the fuel and the

water in your tank, getting oxygen from

the water, and nourishment from the fuel.

If you add biobor to your tank to kill

the algae, you will change your fuel

filters many times before you rid your tank

of all the dead algae. If you have a lot

of algae, you would be better off removing

the tank, losing the water, and flushing

it out to eliminate the source of your

problem. Those of us in the fuel injection

business would lose half of our work if

it wasn't for dirt and water in fuel. Sad

but true.

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