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There seem to be less and less of the older v8s all the time (aside from the SUV/PU/Van craze. These beast boxes, along with 2 liter Asian cars, seem to make up the the majority of the traffic in So California. A nice throaty road runner or GTO exhaust note will turn heads to find the source. Lots of flatulent bumble bees have replaced the growls of 40 years ago. Excluding SUVs and Pick ups, the majority of the cars in my neighborhood are 2+ liter Asian 4 cylinders, with a selection of domestic and import v6 engines. 2 real nice 56 Chevys, one a Nomad wagon, a 32 Ford chromed street rod, and a nice 67 GTO pretty much round out the selection. There are about 6 Mercs (124 and 190s) within 3 blocks, and one very sad bimmer - but over hear the older bimmers always seem pretty used up.

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