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I wouldn't say there is a demise of big engined cars in the US. For instance, the smallest engine you can get in a 3 series is the 2.5...that is a powerful hot rod in europe with their little 1.6s. The Mercedes, the smallest engine in a CLK is 320 here....BIG engine in europe! They run around with CLK200s. When I tell my uncle in Germany that my sister has a 180HP Jetta, I get the response "What? What do you need all that power for??" On top of that, we run around with 8 liter plus pickups like there is no tomorrow, 350 Camaros and Corvettes are the norm, and maybe such is the case with Asian cars in southern california, but here in Midwestern suburbia, literally one Tahoe, Expedition, Escalade, Suburban etc after the other. In Texas for example, I have heard that there are more registered trucks than cars.
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