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86 SEL engine dies intermittently

HELP ! This is my first Benz, absolutely love the car. The car has 117 k on it. Last week I started the car , drove about 50 yards and it died.I tried to start it. It would crank but not fire up. I got out , opened the hood, found nothing unusual , slammed the hood down. Got in and the car started right up. This happened again 3 more times, each time it seems slamming the hood down has something to do with it, weird , I know. It seems to be electrical because the car just suddenly shuts off, no, chugging or any symptoms of running out of fuel. and It wont start again until I open and close the hood. As it happens wherever, whenever, I'm not driving the car now. I have tested it in my driveway watching the motor and checking fuses , relays etc and have watched it happen, but of course no obvious signs. Any ideas ?

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